Najnowsze Wpisy

Nine head high mbt goti raise, and this time is no longer calls like baby crying, but with nine quiet down too at the roar of thousands of all quite is somewhat similarities.

A visible to the sound waves appeared, folds, like the sea surges in waves of wave, toward the front crazy blaster. Next minute, then crashed into a hurricane in the light shines out...... Silent! Quiet some eerie.

Then with a ears to hua hua, the light waves engulfed that was the whole, LinXuan pupil face suddenly becomes extremely ugly miniature....... Want to also don't want to open your mouth of, a JingXie spewing out.

The blood from his mouth after, immediately with a bang blasting into the blood, then such as long whale water general, blended in the BaiMengMeng of the storm, LinXuan a Yang hand again, nine days will link the moon cast into them. What a blast!

Deafening thunder voice barrage of spread, the whole land on the shaking before the tremor, hurricane light up to two a big red dot, like what the eyes of the monster general.

Between sultry, LinXuan nine days of the moon will magically already swing ring to the utmost.

But on the other side, green for zhang cremated the size of a big sword, and potential WanJun clip of crazy split down.

Nine of the baby's eyes easily finally disappear, two wings a fan, bunches of wind blade appear.

And LinXuan just offering out of light waves, quite is somewhat similar, this hateful guy, incredibly want to his way, and he was also the body?

LinXuan a stay, along with the some anger extremely instead to laugh, but he is, mbt unono after all, is not common XiuXian, who will fight for experience, compared to clutch period as well as old monster.

LinXuan soon now wrong, whizzed past the, the wind blade in midair a transition, unexpectedly tricky disappear.

This is...... Magically space? LinXuan from the monster of eyes see a tired of color, want to cast by the brighter, is not easy.

At the same time the monster tail move, a layer of the scales of shield in front brighter by me, every fish scales, all has to slap size, above the rune throughout, but is formed by the world original. Indeed as expected......

LinXuan heart was a jump, just just guessing, he was now can be one hundred percent sure, the eyes of the nine baby points the soul, is really clutch level of the strong.

LinXuan where still dare to snub a place, like a real busy on the left one step.

His figure from its place also disappeared.

As the saying goes, ace back and forth, while only a for fine long hair, almost LinXuan with nine days of micro step removed the same breath, dozens of way the wind blade, as he just stood in the cut. Or shwoosh the voice was introduced into the ear, the space is established a series of white mark, although not be torn, but the terrible power, also is appalling unceasingly. LinXuanSong tone risks is a word. But then something born, and let him put down the heart, brand new high up. Frustrated wind blade a turning point, incredibly like long eyes like, again after unfulfilled. The pilot is nine baby?

LinXuan your busy time looking back, but this again to deny that, after all, oneself also buhaore, although he was big devil spirits of the beast got snowed under attack, the nine baby's situation is similar.

This one beast are not blame advocate, now the best exhibition, like the one side was against the move of the other mbt fora party, while another suppress the killer to boom. The whole unadulterated, can only use risks word to describe.

Facing the fire baizhang incarnation, nine baby can't have what snub, see a brighter wings flash, the whole body to a one hundred and eighty degree turn over, will the belly, revealing a pair of giant black and shiny claws, and then beaten up such a catch. Click......

Situation was being made, the square of the shield around that disappeared, the world original crazy condensed, a horrible swirl in the half empty.

Then from that of vortex, out of the corner of a long nose alone spectre, all over the color of red do, the most tricky is, and KuangLang KuangLang voice into the ear, his entire body, were black thick long chains bound, can give is so, or will a huge black ghost claw out of accumulated like electricity captures the green fire.

But LinXuan attack not only is this, that even the ground hurricane, and Bess quiet unreal institutionalized fire of demons also represent demon python rush to eye hard.

The baby had nine nine head, legend each with a different problem, but the most severe or in the middle of the two, can swallow water spitting fire respectively. Of course not earth common case fire and water.

The water is deep and remote cold pool of nine under blackwater, it is said that cold pool in, so the space, the terrible degree, but is still far from the legend of 18 layers of hell.

YinSi world but was to the asuras for six of the king had ruled against their spirits of the GuiWu, will be thrown into nine quiet cold pool in, tortured, their grievances and tears, into the cold pool blackwater, is nine baby as a thirst thing to drink.

Of course, legend is always legend, but nine baby outbursts of blackwater, but when a 3-0, water is the source of life, can nourish everything, but that blackwater, but it happened to let the world of everything, is life. No matter what things legends spirit, as long as a drop of touch, will be in a momentary withering away.

When the spirit world and YinSi world war ii, killed the blood mbt kisumu white become river and nine baby as the asuras he was pleased with the spirit of love, the latest fad, nature is the pioneer to Philly.

All the spirit world, there are many big can exist in the hands of death to, other shentong aside from, single speak the blackwater, as long as a drop of touch, immediately will swing erythema old, hundreds of thousands of years of life without passing out. This damage can be imagined. Of course, before but is nine baby millions of years ago in which the surviving a wisp of points of soul just, again through the holy spirit world nine suppression of the beast, and compared the deity, strength and even a blip are far beneath.

The blackwater and no the legendary terrible strength, no money LinXuan still make what, direct craned his neck, darling, AiZai good....... But rao is so, nine points out of baby soul spray blackwater also is far from ordinary spell comparable. The head of a stretch of brighter shrinks, then in a dark eyes like the ink jets. The water has a diameter of feet make thick, sing from immediately afterwards in two. No foul smell, and no other wrong. But the whole square, but the diffuse a thick, dead.

LinXuan heart felt a Jie evil, and at this moment, he was being the terrible wind target for the blade, LinXuan use nine days micro step, in a momentary, has pitched the seventeen times, but cannot get out of it. Need not nine baby manipulated, the wind blade can really self track. Damn it!

LinXuan sleeve robe a breeze, dozens of tao light out sword fish dyke, flea ran is spirit force of gathering simple spell, but to his fix for the problem, the power is strong, every sword light, was enough to rival yuan early this life of baby godsworn magic weapon. Bells and whistles...

Crash into the ear, but the results LinXuan disappointed to, their offering the sharpness of the sword light, face the wind blade is burnt like paper, was cut down the 8, did not have the effect of the block.

Necessary, LinXuan but to cast nine days micro step, just removed, the wind from him the blade stand where had cut, isn't this a recruit only really hard pick?

LinXuan mind turning thought, this is a fundamental hide down endless results, with the passage of time, only for his more adverse. Bitten to grind teeth, the look of LinXuan become firm up.

Sleeve robe a breeze, a party that fish swim silk veil, look, just like with that woman used, in fact LinXuan is from day qiao door ginger Johnson there to rob. Although rouge gas a little heavy, but treasure is important problem.

The water of the defense force LinXuan brocade have tried, JinLongJia than birds to strong not only shield mbt swala black weak, since can't use hide, that only hard suspension road.

Gills help one share, a mind jumps out the essence, water brocade after absorption, immediately release hold Q of the big blue luster, an heavy wall of water in his face against hard.

The process of Lei heavy and complicated, in fact but a breath of kung fu.

mbtwin : :

By rights, here is the king of the asuras don't house, even if a totem, and should mbt tabia also be YinSi world ghost beast, but no matter really dragon chicken, or pile wu again, these are all god beast spirit world thing. Is this a few ding furnace with the spirit world that a relationship, it the brighter why again be in here? LinXuan mind turning idea, one by a doubt emerge in the bottom of my heart. He again to the next ding stoves.

Still with the first two ding furnace almost, only carven is shaped like a deer, the firstborn Angle, the whole body when the monster of scales.Kirin!

This is also the spirit world famous god beast, and of strength, enough to and a real dragon, colourful feng comparable.LinXuan continue to go down.

The back of the tripod furnace were carved with xuan turtle, chaos, the poor and the monster's dramatic, etc.Four spirit four fierce!

Although they but adversary, after meet often a bidding war, it is common, these are things the spirit world. Only last a tripod furnace. LinXuan face was covered with heavy, but still slowly go past.

The tripod than the other eight to tall, for seven zhangs, the way of the jade gentle, presented a layer of the magnificent green green. The above relief more colorful, and that was in a lush valley, a perfect white

Shape slim gangling, clearly is a beast, but somehow, the sense that gives a person is beautiful can't square thing.

LinXuan face a strange color, he is, how could the a fox produce such feeling? She is so beautiful!

One was introduced into the ear wowing wwe, LinXuan return overdo, but see heart are staying with the staring at the relief of the fairy fox.

; think she is beautiful? LinXuan nao nao head, some strange openings.

Well, my body also surprisingly, a fox, can beauty to such a degree. This is no ordinary fairy fox; see her behind him. LinXuan slowly said. Behind? Ouyang listen to, the circulation, look taken up and see in the fairy fox's hip, unexpectedly has nine tails, chopped MAO of the song, honored and beauty. This is nine tail day fox? He couldn't help but a voice was surprised.

The so-called three before the end, six tail ling fox, nine tail day fox, legends in the spirit world in, that but yao mbt tenga mid gtx wang general exist. Yes, it is nine tail day fox!

LinXuan slowly said, books on the records, but LinXuan understanding, also some more detailed, he had listened to Syria about apfa kid sister, nine tail day fox, but the spirit world one of three big devil king.

Speaking of the spirit world, demon WangYuan more than three, but the so-called three yao wang, and in fact but WangZhongZhi king, and of strength, and Abram apfa's father, is a scattered the level. Her statue how also here?

LinXuan look around in sweeps in addition to nine ding furnace, and the whole square empty, however heart inside that uneasy feeling but more strong up. Master, why don't we still get out of here. The voice of the moon was introduced into the ear. , well

LinXuan nodded, and his heart to coincide with the little, then go to the center of the square in go. That is the only way of another stone stairs. Hey, what is this? Suddenly, LinXuan stopped, he is now the center of the square a huge array method.

This method array is very heavy and complicated, looks and transmission have a somewhat similar to battle, but a careful observation, the but again obviously is different. Husband, you how, stay here and my body didn't feel very well, we still faster

Ouyang return overdo, light tone slow language speak, and say, side did not stop, continue to walk as before.

But at this moment, a version of the amazing aura suddenly foaming at the mouth, the battle on the method of decorative pattern, suddenly a harsh halo, drawing and sobbing voice to the ear.

Ouyang frightened to disgrace, expression suddenly ugly to extreme, want to also don't want to, immediately into a dun light, falls back, can have already too late, she's in the law in the array is necessary, hit the next to light the tabernacle of the congregation, to be bouncing back.

Chapter one thousand one hundred and eighty-four nine sacred animal

Seeing OuYangQin heart was trapped in array inside, face the same LinXuan waste to change, want to also don't want the sleeve of robe a breeze, a red blue and complete mans the fly. Site long feet make, but it is the spirit in a telecom orders, a stream of terrible mbt fora gtx crime gas foaming at the mouth and up.

CiLa 1 was introduced into the ear, green fire has mercilessly cut sword on the light curtains, sheet is damage, it LinXuan in many treasures in, this sword is inferior to that tongtian LingBao just, the LinXuan go all out, power natural very seriously.

But the light of a flash, incredibly let green fire into the side, against no effect.

Then om chirp big on, ivory the halo of an organic whole repeatedly, flashing a later, just to silence, ziphah array in, has no trace of the beautiful. Jean heart!

LinXuan again surprised again nu, looks pale as far to, shape a glimmer, has nine days micro step cast open, like a whirlwind into the group at law in battle. The so-called care about the mess, right now, LinXuan has come to the coronal. Master, you don't try so hard, just only transmit just, ouyang sister might not meet danger white light flashing, the moon has already come to the front, see young master have been preventable, busy in the comfort of the pair of ten splits up.

Words are so said, can this the asuras the king's house, perhaps don't quite strange, jean heart but yuan baby, how much more will seriously injured early beginning more, poison also and there is no solution, let I how can calmly. Can...... So useless! , well.

LinXuan nodded, moon says yes, empty worry can not solve the problem, he deep breathing, and forced the the chaos of the mood to down. Then swim mesh looks up at the foot of the law to the array.

Compared with other godsworn, LinXuan learned very heavy and complicated, for ZhenFa of way, also have not shallow, however this at the foot of the array method but don't understand it. And general transfer array completely different, ten have have other function.

But at this moment, LinXuan where tube had this many, he just wanted to know jean heart is transferred to where go to. Out. A slightly irresolute, LinXuan eyes flash across firm of color, light grip hands, a method with no effect situations play...... LinXuan face more gloomy.

Changed again a problem, he is now just want to this mbt voi ZhenFa start, although I don't know what is the end of the transfer, but the husband and wife is with the forest bird, what difficult and the common bear. But somewhere along the line, the array method at wouldn't start. How did it come to this?

Jean heart just but is on, and what also didn't do it, by the puzzling transmit walked, but his start it, but instead a little reaction also nothing? Don't is spirit force running out?

LinXuan a beat forehead, the look in the sell sweep around the array, and now nine grooves, evenly distributed around the array in France.

LinXuan walked past, sleeve robe a breeze, a green XiaFei taken out, a slap the size of the roll stone, and hold it in hand carefully observe. High order SPAR, but Yue light so, apparently had run out of the spirit force.

LinXuan face some of the best question regarding expression, stretch out your hand, in the store content on the bag a beat, take out a few pieces of high order SPAR, and laid it in groove back inside. But on the other side, OuYangQin heart in a white light in, was sent to a strange place.

Although compared with LinXuan magically, far more, but OuYangQin heart somehow also yuan baby godsworn, three hundred years, also after a lot of wind and rain, although experienced this tricky misfortune, but her face is not much panic in I color, has been ready to begin with people.

But everything was, and not in the side looking around at Nemesis.

OuYangQin heart loose tone, busy turned around to conjecture a scene.

The day is a piece of white color, she was in a cave in, the mountain is thick ice, and the only export incredibly erect ZhaoEr arm thick iron column.Seems to be a ice in prison.

OuYangQin heart a stay, face which then sank down, never dreamed that he would be transferred to mbt vizuri the site.

And of course not silly. Instead, the gold lyre has appeared in the arms, BaiZhe fine beautiful jade hand, gently stroking on the string.

A golden light waves out molten mess, a turning point in mid air, already was cut in the iron column on top.

With a bang light ring, although cloud states speaking, noble big schools say blame yunshan, however OuYangQin heart of sonic power, power absolutely is not negligible, metaphysical in any order under the method.

The iron column looked rusty stains, but they don't know what the severe banned on it, and it will be that the golden light bounce back.

OuYangQin XinXiu eyebrow micro Pin, jade hand blows move, with sweet piano, a golden notes from the circulation of fingers, to air a get together, alone was thirty feet a bird in the half empty. Sharp claws and beak, keeping up the iron column of a fierce peck, however still has no effect.

The other side, and LinXuan will SPAR well after, a tactic of hit, and just have no response is different, this time, will soon have a sobbing om chirp was introduced into the ear, LinXuan exultation hurriedly stood up in the heart.

But he thought and different, there is a milky halo flash across, but transmission didn't raw. Instead, a strong ghost fog from under the law to come out of the battle.

Ghost fog are pale, very sticky stiff, LinXuan quick, hurriedly will nine days spiritual shield open, Chi sound came that the spirit fog is incredibly erosion effect, LinXuan eyebrows a wrinkly, busy from inside out ShanShen array method. Howler!

Ghost fog is more and more, and from deep underground, the more spread a hissing at such as the thunder, some boring, but LinXuan shape has incredibly sway once, his face was crazy change up, just roar, have the effect of general against god, and jean heart sonic power, shares a role, is this method under the battle, but what is present pressure terrible monsters? Master, you see!

The moon has some panic voice, LinXuan busy looking back, eyes just ahead of a tripod with furnace phase Xie, see the decorative pattern of above of winds lit up.

Especially the sculpture of the unicorn design, it is the colorful halo circulation, as mbt karibu will live in general.

LinXuan turned heads, other ding furnace as does, four spirit four fierce, including nine tail day fox, each on design inspiration have kept before release. These are not ordinary carving, but really a god, the god of upper bound beast read at it.

mbtwin : :

Is it some moved mbt jawabu hands?House LaoZu body around and around five PiJianZhiRui ghost will, built for, it would be yuan baby mid-term peak.

If the normal situation, he annihilate this exists, but easy, but as a ghost will. Mana with more skillful transfer, incredibly for several times will own attack down the block.

Those ghosts will, each one is more than two meters tall, holding different weapons, Yin force 4 shoot, mouth also keep the bellow, like house LaoZu attack.Death.

LaoZu house is a purpose, seems to really be these ghosts will give upset, sleeve robe a breeze, a dazzling light XiaFei prey, and the faint visible inside a tricky red mans flashing, but what is the exact, but can't see clearly.

Putt putt putt,The sound of a couple of light into the ear, then those ghosts will or head, or chest, also have a plenty of DanTian gas in the sea, respectively, a small hole appeared.

Is he as with his finger out of the stamp. But those ghosts will but is life, even into a pile of bones.

Not the kui is a clutch of the XiuXian, really launch violent wind, and is not only a few ghost will to resist the name.

Mana transmission although uncommon, but after all, also but the sword go hail, can't deal with real strong men.

Then the eyes of LaoZu house cold sweep, shape a flash, if light clouds, left a float, right a glimmer, HSS roar stopped, the ghost soldier, all died in the his hand.

Fortunately have LaoZu and I, or want to destroy walked off the spirits of the mbt katika sandals GuiWu, return true not the name easy.

Worship and the voice of the respect to the ear, LaoZu house but turn a blind eye, but look ugly thinking up: how to meet the rank of the monster, really, is to be secretly move hands?

Although not sure, but on their former. Does anyone really through the column, first came to this small thousand transfer among the world.

In any case, be sure to fix will get blood god. House LaoZu some hate talking of the sentence, and also not much said, don't walk. Although he is clutch period godsworn, but also have no ability to deal with this terrible the empty banned.

See LaoZu was in a bad mood, and LuoGuZhong fix who dare jinx things, even have the favor LuoZi Salisbury has good close mouth, a silent, followed.

Place left ghost soldier ghost will's body. Look particularly the eerie.

But who also don't know, only a quarter of an hour, the original hard jade ladder, suddenly the puzzling craze, with thick Yin qi, a plant to visible to the growth speed up until two cubits high to not stop the growth, a black tulip slowly bloom.

Is really tulips, only too husband, and feel like ink, then stem from above, produce a lot of vines, near ghost soldier ghost will body a wrap, into the flowers, then a tooth acid was introduced into the ear chew sound.

In addition to the LuoGuZhong outside, other people are more or less meet trouble.

All of the Buddha Pope chooses to be walking in front of the eerie scene suddenly changed, flat jade ladder, became a diameter zhang hui cave. From inside appear dozens of head one high, violent incomparable giant rat, bitterly pounced on his neck.Amita-buddha!

GaoXuan chooses a bring sound, the sound is if big bell, this is most esoteric lion's roar problem. The lion roar, when the enemy can not only to get around the meat hindquarters. Direct attack each other god knowledge, but also to break the illusion, as has the effect of dynamite.

Can be the bodhi court's first chooses, except to fix for the beyond, the experience of life is also very twists and turns the mbt kafala enemy experience, good sight stone ladder, suddenly giant rat cave, ten have is imperceptible steps into the illusion of injunction.

So he went for a lion roar, even can't break. How many can also see that some of the evidence.

Yuan late baby friar mana, really very important, rushed in front of a few giant rat, the muzzle of blood flow to, however not shrink back. The limbs, rushed to the more fierce.

In addition, any effect is no small is at present see, not of magic, the eyes of the chooses a wisp of flash Ya color, but hand does not slow, will he has been hold rosaries offering out.

In another place ladder, octopus ancient beasts institutionalized teenager met a eight cubits high, great ape, and nine LaoZu three people in the head but and house almost. By a group of Yin a ghost soldier garment.

At the same time, the asuras palace, the armor monster in the mirror of religious standing before the hand holding a disc shape vision of the west, a method by a method of travelling travelling towards a to above, and sometimes gnash teeth in hatred of sound waves in the ear, with a deep chagrin of idea.

Damn, this the asuras words banned, most of the spirit world, have some break even though it can repair itself, but the power of the play, but the previous superficial, otherwise would not hold only a few celebrities in the world of the godsworn.

With his action, that in the mirror of picture scroll all the ebb, a few wave intruder information, keeps the show in his eyes.

We can see the disk there are a few bright light, to the top of the ending were building, the light, including amount of different points of light mobile. The light represented, but jade ladder, every a short, has a black shadow shape thing, several others who is going to the wave. Armor the monster would hit method tactic, will stimulate the shadows, and by the LinXuan place, but he did not have redundant action.

Of course, this guy is not kind, he looked to LinXuan eyes, is full of greed.

This little one hand, there was the moon ring nine days. That his knowledge mbt ema of skills, nature is not hard to guess, armor to he can arrive early monster palace, nature won't be put up obstacles in the middle.

If not for the sake of some special, let he can't leave the summit, armor to find LinXuan monster down.......

Little boy, speed, hurry up, this honour in waiting. The voice of the monster, some hoarse as bad as night owls, tone, and is full of proud of love.

Suddenly, his pupil miniature, shows in anxious eyes annoyed look: not good, that boy is incredibly the front. ZhenFa, damn, how he must choose this path, the ZhenFa I also does not have the means to control, only a yuan baby later XiuXian person, he was able to break through?

The eyes of the monster armor on flash, very not easy to have a godsend, don't was empty glad?

He prayed LinXuan can survive.

And LinXuan didn't know someone is for his worry also don't know how to encounter the trap of front, he and ouyang two people on jade ladder, fully for half an hour long, but what also not met, even before the storm peace, some irrational.

Does he want to wrong, take blood will not fix god met dangerous?Prevent: please TuiJianPiao

Chapter one thousand one hundred and eighty-three strange ding stoves

LinXuan walked along the jade steps up climbing line, swim side looks orders, although for the sake of injunction, god is not retire, but now he's to fix for the, cast spirit eye of arts, within the scope of the zhang idealds can read a QianHao finish now.

This really quiet some tricky nearby.

To say take blood will not fix god met twists and turns, but LinXuan killed also don't believe that.

So this half an hour while he didn't meet danger, but his vigilance heart wasn't so slack off. Suddenly, mbt lami LinXuan stopped. Because we don't know when, have emerged some mist around.

Very weak, not thick, yet for line of sight, but more or less some influence, spirit, also can see was more than thirty cubits.

This two hundred years, LinXuan experience how many twists, dull, already feel this fog is somewhat wrong, in the heart is puzzling hung up. Dangerous finally to happen? Banned, or something else???????

LinXuan frown thinking, although heart swelled so strong insecurity, but god is for moon fix the blood and treasure of the baby, however, must also be gained. And so far, LinXuan bitten to grind teeth, a big deal to remain vigilant, a more careful

Again walk about half a lamp that tea time, this a jade steps to end finally, a broad square into sight in the eye.

Runoff round square, a diameter of about thousand zhangs, but with jade tile, square all round, the end put nine great ding stoves. LinXuan slightly a pause, among them a tripod furnace from his not far, he slowly walked past.

The tripod is three stories high, the way is spectacular, incredibly is by a piece of jade casting a dragon carving on the surface of the moment, and some exquisite decorative pattern on it. So big of the tripod furnace, in square around, the adornment action, is not what is used for brighter stem what of? LinXuan herself openings. The concubine body also feel very strange. OuYangQin heart stood, qiao face was covered with ., we can go for a walk in the other. LinXuan just thinking, like this said. Voice did not lie, he has the edge of along the square, like went ahead. Soon, and came to a ding in the presence of the furnace. Is that still the great snap is down, just above the decorative pattern of carving is somewhat different.

No dragon, no chicken i1 but a tiger foot had the monster, long the wild boar general tusks, dragging the long tail. Changchun wu again! In the LinXuan ax, his face was also couldn't help ugly up. What, my husband know this monster? Well, this is one of the four evil spirit world.

LinXuan smiled, speak, how could he not recognize, in china.based Krishna pulse,mbt sini still with the monster of soul come points opinion. Don't know each other?

mbtwin : :

Husband, wasn't there the empty, why the mbt chapa gtx injunction crane, still can fly? OuYangQin shout shout opening in the heart, although the rare birds and animals, but more than celestial so huge cranes, don't see, even listen to all not heard.

The monster beast?Don't like, the brighter body has no mana fluctuations.

And the beast also seems to be a little different.

I am not clear, but be careful some always right. LinXuan slowly open, say that finish sleeve robe a shake, a pair of bright silver ring out report, in his head the DiLiuLiu swirling, don't know each other how depth, LinXuan nature will not fill the hold to provoke terrible sights, but necessary against affirmation is to have. OuYangYu arm back to approach, a small and exquisite harp also tooth-now the bosom. Meanwhile, in the disembodied the asuras palace.

In ruins everywhere, even in the building also appears dilapidated unceasingly, but even so, here is still appear exalted and atmosphere. More around the spirit of condensing abundant force.

The king of the asuras, strength is concerned, already can than real fairy, her body, nature is not the so-called Yin qi ghost force, but very pure of the power of the immortal. In millions of years ago, here is a good fairy the pulse.

The so-called pulse, is in fact the upgrade edition pulse spirit, even the low produced the pulse slightly reiki, also is far from gourmet spirit pulse comparable.

Just such a place, the spirit world is also rare, as for the human, is that a place, so the asuras would open up brighter comparatively for his palace don't mansion.

Here but can really produce at the beginning of the aura, however the war of millions of years ago, the asuras king will spirit world slaughter a the blood become river, but for unknown reasons, she and three really big hit the hands.

The asuras king is very strong, but with one enemy three, finally will inevitably out of his wits and of course really is not a fairy or, two seriously injured. Death

The ending leaving aside, the asuras king after falling, spirit world in the true fairies mbt kifundo under the support of the counter-offensive, even the moon has left

The house to the human is also sold campaigns don't. All the spirit world is disastrous, for the king of the asuras, nature is the guts, not only ruin her palace, even in the palace of the pulse, is also big can godsworn uprooted, this spring break and different, fairy pulse can never recover.

But as the saying goes, thin death than the camels Martha, even be broken root fairy pulse, quality character, also is very suitable for cultivation.

Palace was ransacked of all ethnic groups in and the spirit world, very rundown, however alone alone in the middle of the palace, a building separate building, and new almost. Obviously, the building has not been affected.

Not the spirit world godsworn don't want to, but because the building, is the king of the asuras before bed temple, there are her favorite room.

The previous moon, was here the barriers under seal, if true fairy, perhaps can untie, but with the spirit world these guys, but is a toad trying to swallow a swan just. The most terrible a seal, known as will kill the innings.

In order to the break, even has two big can survive period had fallen, this is all to hang, others though we knew there are heavy treasure, also can only in your mind of deluded thoughts out.

It is a good thing, also want to have life to get!Greed is will pay for drops.

Strange voice into the ear, at this time, whether LinXuan or day state of the house of characters, or the rest of the XiuXian into the moon, but just on jade steps just, they are very far from the palace, but here, but strange to the intruder.

His body the move luster, is a way to have a strange voice-and soon, that thing in the palace door stop. He counted the mbt night zhangs far distance, is the building of the intact attic, and the asuras the king's palace. But the monster dare not mating signal-0

If there is another creature, and even clutch godsworn, affirmation also dumbfounded because the monster actually be a vice armor.

Some broken, but can see, originally was a pair of very gorgeous armor, the weird, lance? Nobody inside, brighter as their general flexible over general.

No, armor internal is not what also have no, Yin qi inside such as ink, and three seven spirit soul, and it seems to be a human godsworn after falling, don't know to use what way, will himself to the transformation of demons, and this armor, as things send Hugh.

The godsworn can be attached to the god yuan, this armor obviously is not that all mankind, ten have is ancient time handed down from the spirit world.

Before looking at the architecture, the armor is the place where the original eyes, fine mans 4 shoot, such as vampire deep, dull, reveal a stream of boundless greed of color.

One million years, old man trapped in here is one million years, if not devoured the cat fruit, will himself into a GuiWu Yin, old man who early, but people don't people, the ghost of spirits do not so long living dead, hey, this will kill the innings, once the culling of spirit world survive transition period, then that would never know funny, accident that the legend of king the asuras, will the rest of the hundreds of years time, used to find the wuding river, take to the king of the asuras delusion , and finally got nothing, but end up so desolate end. The monster whispered, shrill voice, like night owls, however, in that weird in, but QiChu was filled with sadness.

But it doesn't matter, then great banned, also can not stand the years), the king of the asuras may soon qingong, will reappear living, as long as to get together, not soul of waters reinventing the body, soaring spirit world is also easily.

That blunt a say that finish, winds up the hand, a thick arm hurts the beam of injection of fingers, poof sound came that the column a twist, incredibly into the back of a born wings ink Jiao bold pounced on the palace of the king of the asuras.

Aggressive, but is not close to three feet in, around that yu, suddenly appeared in a layer of pink light curtains, ink Jiao bumped into, but are light curtains easily eclipsed. Then CiLa voice came from inside a golden hew out of lightning.

But the armor surrounded here one million years, natural know the injunction debates, mbt sport 2 in offering a moment light beam, already out falls back, a big hole in the he just standing.

Attacks have not received effect, armor monster wasn't exposed to complain of color, but for the joy of cranial nodded: good, not aluminum, it banned indeed as expected in rapid decline, with long, can open the palace.

Voice did not lie, suddenly a clear voice to the ear, melodious songs, like bells swaying a sound. However the armor is a monster face to change, in the eyes of red mans dacheng up. No way!

He flustered and frustratedly a scared scream, and then shape a flash, even wind after general, toward the southeast of palace ran over.

Here there are still forbidden empty banned, but he cast the intellectual man fit after magically, faster than flying slow not how much, for the whole of the palace, he already is changshu, son a turning point, came to the destination.

Broken walls, and here appear in a dilapidated, give a person the feeling, like a waste for a long time the ruins, in fact do so, however the armor but whether this monster many, left hand a breeze, a fly out elapses, will the dilapidated jade, agate all blow to one side. Then a dilapidated mirror in the eye came into 7.

Chapter 8 chapter one thousand one hundred and eighty-two Yin a ghost soldier

Section about someone in a mirror surface crack all over. Be embedded in the jade Cha mountain, and will clean up after the ruins of the around, but found that base below, is a small array method.

The transfer of the moon into LinXuan array method is similar, but a closer look, the but again completely different.

Although very clever, but slightly more, he found that many to humble, in left or right side of the array, each have a committee empty four slots.

Armor monster stretched out his hand, at the waist a beat, even well flash, two pieces of the size of a fist SPAR in the eyes.

He did not hesitate in the four slot inside. Then waving his mbt pia arms, a law tactic hit.

With sound waves sobbing ears, then start array method, and crept to the light pouring into the mirror of rhyme.

The mirror surface crack is all over, but a pair of clear picture scroll or then slowly extending.

Picture scroll, flashes shot blasting, dozens of godsworn. With some stone is a bidding war, various xianjian waving a magic weapon, the weakest in strength. Incredibly is also yuan baby at the early stage of the XiuXian, who led the old man in gray, it is to let person affair.

Clutch period the godsworn! A word to the opening of the armor, his eyes red mans dasheng up. See the asuras the king's palace is open, incredibly emitted and himself at the same level of existence.This can be some trouble!

He just wanted to think, the right hand is raised, and a method is played out travelling, or the jade ladder, a monk was darted in gray road, this is a yuan baby a XiuXian phase one.

Its mana although also came to return to the point of chooses raw, but only this kind of degree, armor is not afraid of the monster.

XiaoBei reckless, but it is yellow.

Sneer at 1, with his hand movements. The pictures in the mirror again conversion, the number more than a little, his eyes had simply gaze at one of them. Five order demon race. That's equivalent to clutch period of existence, if heaven and earth eldar, even be strong not only weak.Damn it!

Here myself by endless years of anguish, seeing treasure was born, incredibly there are so many people want to fight over, and not let them flexibly.

Armor slightly shivering, apparently heart already is rage, and a share of the sudden BaoXi gas.

A moment of half an lamp that tea kung fu, his eyes red mans was gradually subside, sneer at the biography from say to himself: all want to pick up cheap, hey, man, how the water, stir up or the deity trapped here so many years, also did not let time lost, although palace banned most were mbt pia black destroyed in the hand of the spirit world. But on one and a few broken. Can barely use, hey hey, you will regret it here rob treasure.

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But Xi mystery, for now. Some are too esoteric. But LinXuan also don't try so mbt moja hard, he believes that one day, I will make it clear blue xinghai what is going on.

"Master, what were you thinking?" The voice of the moon was introduced into the ear.

For this girl, LinXuan natural't hide, and speak out in the heart of doubt.

The moon has face the same show interest in color, another day ask little peach good, the girl may know some clues, they don't know when she woke up to.......

Half an hour later, ZhiYa 1 open the door, LinXuan from the attic slowly came out.

OuYangQin heart and wu the dwelling place of the cloud in seven zhangs far away but, natural'll have induction, teacher and pupil both meet up.

"The cloud congratulations through the cloud ying ying wu makes a blessing, and, behold, LinXuan safe, girl face was covered with sincere joyful expression.

"LinXiong, are you okay?" OuYangQin heart appears more reserved, but eyes, also is full of care of idea.

"It's nothing, I this bad good." LinXuan said with a smile.

Then LinXuan and two female came to the garden of the pavilion, this ranch although not quite, but but chic simple but elegant, the beauty of the kind of all around flowers.

A breeze through, aroma relaxed and happy, wu the cloud bubble up a pot of spirit tea, and he took a few sample delicate pastry, although strength came to them that state, BiGu easy, but people have desires, occasionally also want to enjoy the appetite.

XiuXian of way, have ZhangYouChi, this mbt panda suffering is suffering, this relax and do not suppress what, all follow the law, will achievements of the phoenix road, austerity blindly, not the wise choice.

"The guy, you taste, these things, for the cloud is hands cakes." Girls in all aside open, on the face is full of expect of color.

"Well LinXuan nodded, and picked up a piece of in their mouths, sweet and not be bored with, face a few minutes approval. "Piano, heart," it really accept a good disciple."

"LinXiong if like this girl, let her worship you for the teacher to also do not have what OuYangQin heart said with a smile.

The celestial different in social, do not have so much propriety speak times, and the blade is all for akira away in fear. Pursue the virtual deaths of the phoenix dimly discernible hair paste,

For this, can have no need not to the extreme, the treasure in murder at, compared with those effective, as long as willing to each other, a worship several of the master but is bar just, no one will care.

"This" LinXuan slightly a delay or shakes his head refused, although the cloud wu LiangCai MeiZhi, but LinXuan goal only a "immortality hsien, really grenade is not, he may have no time to distraction do other??????

Wu to the cloud, although can't say more, but also not show depressed qiao face of color.

"The cloud, said I have no teacher and pupil of the edge, but spare time, I also can to" show with LinXuan said with a smile: "to" the qualification, as long as you work hard, one hundred years later, "baby should do not have what problem

"Thank you guy." Wu bite of the cloud the tooth said.

"Yes, LinXiong, you suddenly retreats, but for the line of uniting the met any trouble?. OuYangQin turn,mbt tabia sandals ask a heart topic to care about it.

"To be a little more, but it is now is not serious.

The baby has hidden except, no need to hide what LinXuan nature, will therefore what happened to speak out.

Is the magic and, don't lose in the second yuan baby's defiler, two female hear grew up small mouth, if not eyes have seen the LinXuan magically, almost thought he was in the wildly brag.

"LinXiong date shall not authentic, but the XiNaiXuan door and control was such a magic word arcane, original source in here."

"Yes, double yuan baby of arts, the cloud also finally understand, that is in the mountains, makes yunling or yuan baby in the middle of the XiuXian, why can magically straight after big godsworn......." On the face of the cloud wu is admire, has long been troubled her mystery also finally solved.

LinXuan and two female and chatted for a while, wu the cloud suddenly gently openings: "guy, there is one thing that the cloud doesn't know when not to."

"What?""Recent injury attack, teacher poison is more and more frequent....... This is not the way to go, don't know you

"Rest assured, the day the younger sister cup the antidote, I have the clues, nature would go for the piano, but now take to heart of time before," don't worry

"I see."Wu the cloud is relieved, the heart is OuYangQin fell silent, not thank goodness, just to LinXuan problem now, want to return, seems to be only one method, thought of here, a female face a red, fortunately LinXuan and ACTS son not pay attention to what to have.

"Anyway, this retreat, than I had expected short periods of time, and so,mbt chapa it gives a little time, can go to do one thing, and the cloud," but asked the news of all those outside, the Buddha Pope bald donkey, whether still stay in the former green yunshan total altar?" LinXuan thoughtfully the openings.

"Guy want to avenge, we too good, the news on the cloud, indeed, although the past the asked for months, but those were all Buddha bald donkey, did not leave."

"Oh?" LinXuan originally just hold a little hope. Really get precise information, but some accident up: "they should not go, stay there, don't have is don't figure?"

"This," the cloud is not clear. "The young girl said some regret.

"It doesn't matter, know that they still in there, that's enough LinXuan eyes, a flicker of relentless color, he and all the Buddha Pope, had sworn enemies, just as the other seven large door, one of LinXuan even qualify, strength is far more.

But not always pick the altar, to destroy each other a points rudder, also is great.

How much more the hearts and for piano green yunshan took revenge, kill two birds with one stone, what is there against it?

Wu the cloud excited, however OuYangQin heart expression, has some vagaries, slightly a pause, finally red lip tiny qi: "kwai chung good pleasure, but XiuXian affiliation ups and downs, this is normal, every year, also don't know how many branches family break the lineage, Confucian you really don't need to in order to us, against all Buddha Pope

"Teacher,"Wu the cloud a stay, LinXuan also some unexpected, but just think, and why he has since Ming said so, she is think for themselves, after all is cloud state speaking, big godsworn although great, but is still far from enough to provoke seven large door of such forces.

Such as yan deeply the fairy's legend, he also had heard of, but she could not LinXuan is that old monster pursuing.

But he is not clear, LinXuan where and retreat, after so much change. He and all would have mbt pia white accepted the Buddha Pope sworn enemies of.

Not you die is I live, one day, to the parties of the bald donkey, all a refined spirit soul.

"A harp, says kindness I know, but I and all between the Buddha Pope, a mess, so" between counsel, this pie I don't pick set a LinXuan slowly said, faintly murderous breath eyes flash.

More than: more 3,. Mouth words, said to do it, you a way so support, this two days scores than expected, redundant word of thanks, unreal rain would say, only to return the code words, tomorrow the same outbreak, well, miracle now that it has happened, unreal rain to see which one can do, continue to ask TuiJianPiao, this ticket after zero will refresh, please everyone there also threw a right, to keep the home page for longer.

Chapter one thousand one hundred and thirty-four suppress day tarantula method of poison

"LinXiong and Buddha Pope also have all members." Jean heart stay, face which is full of meaning by convicted,

The "how," don't know?" LinXuan also some public startled, see the stand beside the WuYun several one eye.

"I didn't say, is called the day in the spider cup poison, injury has very heavy. So the cloud bold. Will the professional by conceal things down." The cloud wu face a white, ying ying worship, in the name of the weak weak language.

"Silly girl, don't GaoZui, say well thought out, it's right."

LinXuan raised my hand against the virtual helped, a light XiaFei the out of it, will force the cloud hold up, tell this meaningless harp heart, will only add her worry just for no reason.

"Neither of you say what, actually have in what keep me?" OuYangYi stay, some ChenGuai opened the mouth.

YuShiLin porch this was all between the Buddha Pope slowly speak out,,

"What, LuoHanTang's first-Buddha, and is one of the four cases of daikin nets empty dazzle the god?" Ouyang with hand their mouth, qiao face surprised of color.

"What god monk, mean shameless, at best they are is a shameless of bald donkey." LinXuan lips edge peep out one silk mbt katika black sarcasm of Italy, expression on the face is granted to the extreme.

"The violin, but this empty heart slip of the tongue is heard the name can glare practice have top most problem. Over years ago, was the force with one person, facing two HuaXing demon race's siege, the late and doesn't fall wind, except those born not of clutch period, even in the old monster godsworn, empty after yuan glare also calculate the top."

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